• Cranial base release technique

    Cranial base release technique The cranial base release is a craniosacral technique. The head and neck are rested on the finger tips as shown in the photo. The finger tips are at the very base of the skull under the occipital ridge. This technique helps to soften the fascia and muscle tissue in the sub-occipital Continue reading »

  • Arthritis in Dogs

    One of the most common complaints as our dogs age is arthritis.  Owners are often left feeling very upset and worried about what is yet to come. However, dogs often live long, happy and otherwise healthy lives with the condition. Arthritis can be seen when the easy run becomes a stiff walk; the jump to Continue reading »

  • Is your dog chewing or biting the same foot or site?

    Behavioural patterns described by owners such as repeated chewing, biting or scratching at the same site, spontaneous crying and adverse reaction to touch where no pathology is visible may be indicators of neuropathic pain. Excessive sensitivity (hypersensitivity) on examination suggests a neuropathic component to pain, and a poor response to standard (NSAID, opioid) analgesics may Continue reading »

  • Scenting – healthy exercise

    Such a common scene is seeing people walk their dogs with their dog trying to sniff or scent and their person is trying to get their dog to walk, why are we not listening to our dogs and giving them this choice? Maybe they know more than we do what is good for them? ‘Exercising Continue reading »