Case Studies


Sadly Holly at the age of ten was run over by a milk float. She sustained extensive injuries, to her muscles ligaments and tendons in both legs. In order to hold the right hip joint in place (due to subluxation) the veterinary surgeon drilled into her pelvis and femur and linked them with a plastic toggle. Having also lost the ligaments and tendons in her left leg she had a metal plate put in from the ankle to the stifle.

During her time in hospital she build up several seratomas which had to be drained (which you can see in the first video clip).

Through her injuries and lack of mobility the muscles atrophied (wasted away) in her back end, and the muscles in her front end became overdeveloped as her body compensated for the injury and the new plate.

Holly when she began to walk again was knuckling her left foot – which had to be taped up to encourage proper use.

Holly has had intensive myotherapy treatments and hydrotherapy to help teach her to use her muscles correctly and to re-establish balance.