If you find you are in need of suport the BCAP holds a list of trained counsellors and psychotherapists.

East Sussex Canine Hydrotherapy

Please go and see Debs and her amazing team. They worked wonders for my dogs rehabilitation from extensive injuries following an RTA.

Horsebridge Veterinary Practice

My amazing vet Rosario Gutierrez VM, MRCVS. who saved Holly’s life!

Myofascial Release UK

Ruth Duncan trained directly under John Barnes and MFR UK is the leading provider in Myofascial Release training. I continue to train and attend CPD courses with Ruth to keep abreast of all the exciting new developments in this amazing field of work.

Galen Therapy Centre

Where I completed my Laser Level 3 Award in Canine Myotherapy

Four Paws Therapy – Scotland

My dear friend and colleague Sarah Pitt who I have trained and worked with in canine myotherapy.

T.O.D Coaching – Scotland
If you are ever up in Scotland, go to the most amazing gym in Livingston and have a personal training session with one of the gang or join in military street gym.

S.P.A.S.M Therapies – Scotland
Naomi Nettleton is not only one of the most amazing healers I have met – but she is also a fantastic teacher. Having worked and taught in Complimentary Therapy for over 19 years, she specialises in Kinetic Chain Release, Sports Massage and Remedial techniques. She has an amazing gift – be warned though she has a lengthy waiting list!

Medium / Spiritual Development
Anne Germain is a fantastic medium, genuine, warm and accurate. She has top selling TV shows in both Spain and Portugal, and is away filming or on tour for much of the year, but if you are lucky enough to catch her when she’s home you will not be disappointed!

Holistic & Mystic – Surrey
Run mind, body and spirit fairs around Surrey, here you will get to taste a wide range of complimentary therapies, consult psychic’s and mediums and shop at a wide range of stalls.

Hugh Gilbert – Founder of Kinetic Chain Release
Please refer to Hugh Gilbert’s website for more information about KCR and read some of the testimonials and the pioneering work he has done.

Teresa Cornwell
Teresa runs a friendly practice committed to providing a personal and caring service to all her clients. She offers a full range of specialist advice on all relationship matters including children, the acquisition of residential or commercial property and small businesses as well as the preparation of Wills and the administration of estates.
She is very sensitive to her clients’ needs and is generous in her support and encouragement during what is recognised to be a very difficult time. She provides a professional service driven by a desire to help clients achieve a fair and reasonable resolution.