Seva Acupressure

Seva Stress Release Is now being taught at every Clinical Acupressure course. It was a protocol devised as a response to treat shock and trauma following the events of 9/11 enabling practitioners at Ground Zero to provide survivors and emergency service workers with help and support.

It was designed to be given anywhere, it can also be provided as a stand alone treatment or combined with other complimentary therapies.

Receiving the treatment is a very calming experience. If someone has experienced shock or trauma or is suffering from post traumatic stress, this treatment can provide a turning point for the individual to move towards healing at the deepest level.

Acupressure is the practice of applying hand or finger pressure to specific energetic conductive points on the body called acupoints. By stimulating these points the energy pathways called meridians in Chinese Medicine, help the energy to flow freely throughout the body.

This treatment comes from Process Acupressure and was developed by Aminah Raheem PHD. It uses the knowledge of ancient traditions from Jiro Murai a 20th century Japanese master, who spent much of his life treating the poor and indigent throughout Japan. He combined acupoints in simple-to-use patterns to treat common conditions of his time. Some of these combinations have been adapted for the conditions and challenges of our time.

This treatment helps to activate human potential and connection to higher consciousness, opening the path for each of us to find our own right purpose and work in the world by providing the means to connect with our own divine guidance, to access our inner spirit and reconnect with soul consciousness.

It can help a number of conditions and a recent study in Taiwan, published in the British Medical Journal, demonstrated that acupressure applied to patients with chronic back pain, resulted in a 89% reduction in disability. Further these benefits were still event at 6 months.

This gentle but deeply effective treatment has a calming effect helping to bring balance back to the mind and body.

Being present in times of trauma is a gift in itself, add this form of acupressure and you have a blessing.