Client Stories / Testimonies

Thank you to all my clients that have been kind enough to share their experiences with others. This provides valuable insight and support to others.

I had no idea what to expect when I first visited Alison. I had been feeling awful both physically and emotionally for a number of months. I had blamed this on the menopause and stress.

Alison is such a warm and understanding person and from the minute I met her I felt I had met someone who really understood and most of all listened. Alison uses a number of different therapies and treatments and each session and treatment is different. Afterwards, I feel both calm and energised at the same time. My aches and pains are so much better now my body is not hanging onto the emotional issues in the form of tension in my back and shoulders


As a hairdresser I work long hours and have done for 24 years! I have suffered with neck ache and shoulder pain for many months and had exhausted every avenue from physio to conventional medicine. I was recommended to Alison and was prepared to give it a go as a last resort.

After my first cranial treatment I felt different, now after four treatments fantastic. I am sleeping better, no more pain killers and my movement is so much better.


I have had lower back pain for many years, having seen many different types of therapists over the years; none gave me long-lasting relief. A colleague recommended Alison to me and rather skeptically, I went along to see her. After just 3 sessions I am now completely pain-free. I was amazed, that something so gentle could have such a huge effect. I am so grateful, thank you.


I sit at a computer all day, I used to get severe headaches and have constant neck pain, This has improved enormously, I never miss my regular monthly sessions they are my treat to myself and keep those awful headaches and neck pain at bay


I had my first Reiki session with Alison and was so relaxed that I fell asleep. In a follow up session I had a severe cough and chest infection and felt the warmth of Alison’s healing hands over the concerned areas and my symptoms eased up straight away. A very positive experience that I will continue.


I have known Alison for several years now and it was she who introduced me to Craniosacral Therapy. Being an optimistic pessimist I tried to have an open mind to 'these things' whilst at the same time not really believing or expecting it to work. I am not sure what things needed to have happened to let me know it worked, nor what I hoped for, but I certainly was not expecting what did actually occur.

I had gone to Alison for Aromatherapy and Swedish massage as a way of unwinding and treating myself. I really enjoyed the massage and grew to trust Alison. I knew she practised C.S.T. (Craniosacral Therapy) but could not fathom what it actually was and how someone could have the sensitivity or the ability to work with this unseen and unconscious rhythm. As I see it now, it was my body that came to trust her which allowed me to become open to the idea of C.S.T.

One day I decided to give it a go. It's great because I get cold really quickly and I could leave my clothes on and lie under warm blankets. I didn't have to do anything but let her hold my head, then feet, if she sensed something she would put her hands on or near that spot and a tremendous heat would spread through me. She would say 'Have you hurt your knee?' and sure enough I had and this healing would ease the pain and relax my body so I would become aware of how the injury was affecting the rest of me. I came away as relaxed if not more so than a conventional massage.

I began to alternate massage with cranial until one time during a cranial session Alison started actually moving my head. She had never done this before but I trusted her so went with it. After about five minutes of this twisting and turning I started to get fed up as it wasn't relaxing and it wasn't what I wanted. I politely asked her to desist with this practise to which she replied 'It's not me, its you! I can barely keep up with your head can you slow it down a bit'! I had no idea what she was talking about and my head stilled. From then on this happened every time I had cranial only it became more pronounced with my head, then body twisting on the couch until I eventually sat myself up. By this time I knew it was something happening inside me. I can only describe it as being in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness. Its what I imagine it would feel like to be hypnotised. I was aware of everything that was going on but unlike hypnotism the directions were coming from inside me not some outside body. My body was directing the show, it had a purpose, it had a beginning and it knew where it would end, we just had to follow.

Alison started to dialogue with me during these sessions, asking if I had any sense of what age I felt or if I had any words or thoughts. We both felt it was pre-verbal and that I was still in the womb. OK I know how this sounds a little bit freaky especially to an unbeliever like me. I didn't talk about this to anyone for ages.

At this time my mum was seriously ill and I realised that despite a close relationship I had little knowledge of our family, there seemed to be so many questions I needed to ask and it was during one of our chats that I told her about my experiences of C.S.T. She said it made perfect sense as I had the cord wrapped round my neck and it was a long difficult labor. Everything fell in to place. My body had held this trauma for years. In the right place with the right person it was ready to let this go.

Today it amazes me just how much knowledge and wisdom my body holds that I am simply not aware of, what amazes me more is that people like Alison exist who have the sensitivity, skill, patience, and expertise to 'speak' with the body and unlock these secrets.

In the end I had to stop seeing Alison because my circumstances changed and I left the area. I knew we had not finished the work we had started but she assured me my body had waited this long and would continue to do so until such was the time I would be ready to begin again. It took two years! I met a therapist in the West Country and we picked up where Alison and I left off.

The hidden depth of this trauma was not just that my body needed to re-enact my birth but the emotions that were locked in the very fibre of my being began to be released to. Having the cord wrapped round your neck means not only is your life in danger but so is your mothers' and you have the power to injure your mother, your life giver. It is a precarious balance and one which the foetus knows instinctively so not only did I relieve the physical process but I felt the fear, frustration, hopelessness, despair and ultimately rejection as I was separated from my mother for at least twenty four hours after my birth (all that bloody effort to be born and for what!).

I didn't really comprehend nor believe in the attachment theories prior to this but now I can give them some credence due to my experiences and my mum often told me how it wasn't till I was eleven that she really felt we bonded. More than this though is the effect it has had on me as a person. I can see patterns in my life of taking responsibility for other peoples happiness and welfare, feeling sensitive to signs of rejection, my belief that life is all hard work for little reward. I didn't know was just how ingrained the beliefs were and how far back they went.

So all pain and no gain? Definitely not. I feel free, my posture is different, I am more present, more grounded, I claim my space in this world and have a sense of belonging. I am more confident and the people around me can sense this. I am also more in tune with my body and therefore my needs.

BACP Counsellor