The importance of mouth work in Craniosacral Therapy

Why would you need it?

If you have had a lot of dental work, braces fitted, or ongoing symptoms like neck pain, headaches, TMJ (jaw) pain, you could be greatly helped by this type of work and craniosacral therapy in general.

Mouth work can also be indicated in cases of head or facial trauma to alleviate ongoing discomfort and symptoms. Also, the mouth is an emotional area a lot of tension and stress can be held in the mouth and jaw.

For me, mouth work pertains to working with the structures and functions that involve the mouth and throat. In order to work on those structures, it is important to also work inside the mouth. From inside the mouth, a craniosacral therapist is able to release structures such as the vomer, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and maxilla. We can also work with the surrounding muscles and fascia within the mouth such as the supra-hyoids. These are muscles that make up the floor of the mouth and control a tiny bone very important for swallowing called the hyoid.

From an energetic level, the 5th chakra sits at the level of the throat. The 5th chakra is known as the “communication chakra”. As we loosen and open-up the areas of the mouth, head, neck, and throat, the 5th chakra is able to open and release, which allows for improved expression and communication. A quiet client will often start chatting away after their treatment if this area has been opened up.

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