Treatment Protocol

Prior to treatmentshutterstock_264930365

Ideally your dog should have been walked prior to treatment.

Your dog should not be feed an hour before treatment.

During Treatment

Canine Myotherapy treatments involve no form of restraint and your dog is offered every opportunity to move away from the treatment area. This allows your dog the time to acclimatise and the choice to engage with their treatment.

Building a positive relationship is key to treating your dog and alleviating any stress, which could effect your dogs ability to heal and recover.

Treatment environment 

To make the experience as positive as possible, it would be helpful if your dog can be treated somewhere quiet, where we will not be interrupted or disturbed by too much noise.

I will bring a treatment mat to help your dog associate the location with something positive, and ideally your dog should have enough space to move away from the treatment area if they feel the need.

Owner interaction 

It is helpful if you are present, so you can observe the treatment and initially settle your dog.  You can sit beside your dog or where you would usually sit, providing reassurance for your dog only if they become overly anxious.

I would prefer to keep any dialogue quiet and to a minimum whilst working so I can fully engage with your dog and offer them the best treatment.

I am more than happy to answer all of your questions after treatment.

After Treatment

At the end of each session I will provide you with feedback explaining what has been found during the course of the treatment and we can discuss any questions you might have.

We will discuss a personalised home recovery plan for your dog following treatment, which will include a demonstration of any suitable techniques that you can use at home to support your dog’s progress and ongoing maintenance in-between treatments.

Your dog’s home recovery programme will also include clear care guidelines and suggestions for post treatment exercise, along with appropriate timescales.

Once treatment has been completed I will send a full written report to your vet.  I will happily enter into a dialogue to discuss the role of Canine Myotherapy in any treatment or management programme.

As a professionally trained therapist, I carry full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.