Elbow dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is a general term used to describe the anatomical problems that result in the malformation of the elbow joint. 

The word “dysplasia” means “abnormality of development”. The elbow is a complex joint because it involves the articulation of three bones. If the three bones do not fit together absolutely perfectly as a result of abnormal development, the consequence is abnormal concentration of forces on a specific region of the elbow joint.

Elbow dysplasia is the commonest cause of fore limb lameness, involving abnormal bone growth or cartilage development and joint stresses; as the joint is unable to move normally, wear and tear of the joint starts to occur leading to secondary osteoarthritis of the elbow.

How Myotherapy can help with Elbow Dysplasia

Canine Myotherapy can support pre-surgery and post-operative rehabilitation, by reducing loading issues on the joint and to ease soreness and tension throughout the body, particularly in areas of overcompensation. It can be extremely beneficial for releasing compensatory tension and muscle spasms in the lower neck and behind the shoulder associated with elbow dysplasia.

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