Fascial Unwinding – Craniosacral Therapy

As a few of my clients have experienced me unwinding a neck, arm or limb I thought it would make an excellent blog to explain the process in more detail.

Fascial unwinding is a therapeutic process through which physical and emotional blocks, whatever their cause, can be released. Whether they are the result of physical injury, infection, disease or emotional factors, all traumas and tensions leave their mark and are held in the bodies tissues in the form of a restriction of some kind.

Fascia is a connective tissue, which surrounds and envelops every structure in the body. Every muscle, every organ, every bone, every nerve, every blood vessel is covered in a thin film of fascia this forms a continuous integrated sheath covering the whole body from head to toe.

Fascial unwinding is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment process never forcing or imposing on the body tissues in any way. It is therefore generally painless (even in acutely painful conditions) and brings about a much appreciated sense of ease, softness and relaxation.

The gentleness of fascial unwinding can probably only be appreciated through the experience of being treated. Treatment involves taking up contact with both hands on the appropriate part of the body, tuning in once more to the fascial pulls, then allowing the therapists hands to follow the tissue demands expressed by the body, twisting, turning and pulling wherever they wish to go. This happens on a very subtle level, almost imperceptible to the client.

A craniosacral therapist will follow these tissue demands until a point of resistance is encountered and then hold the tissues against this resistance very gently and subtly until eventually the resistance softens, and releases.

This process can be carried out on any part of the body. When unwinding arms, legs, or the neck, the whole limb or neck may be allowed to unravel itself as it performs a slow gentle dance through the air, tracing the patterns through which it has become twisted.

It is always gentle, always following the body’s own demands and is usually experienced as a very relaxing, releasing, easeful and pleasant process. Even in an acutely painful conditions it is virtually painless and helps to restore mobility and movement to the area.

Extracts of text taken from Craniosacral Therapist Thomas Attlee